Our Story

100 years ago, we have been owned by the strongest mafia leaders. As you know, we have 9 lives, our owners time has passed and our time has come.

To carry on the Mafia legacy, we founded a new gang: CatsMafia. We arrived on the Elrond blockchain and we are here to stay and make a difference. Mafia isn’t all about bad things you’ve all heard of. Our owners were also great community helpers. And we are too.

Let us tell you about the real deal! We will come to you with a contract and all you have to do is to become our partner.

The contract will contain all the details about our partnership. Are you curious what the contract will do for you? Let us give you a clue: become a member of our family and let's start making money together.

We will stick with those who believe in us. Because we are Cats Mafia!

Why Cats Mafia?

Cats Mafia is not a common NFT and minting one is the first step into the exciting journey you will be part of. Our community will enjoy a variety of benefits and each member of the Cats Mafia community will be fond of his affiliation.

Royalties Distribution
Nftrium Distribution
Passive Income

We will invest in farming LKMEX until NFTrium will be launched then 75% of the total income generated by NFTRIUM platform will return to NFT owners.(25% of them to EasterEggs holders)

Free & Exclusive Access to NFTRIUM

Our team will develop a decentralized application for generating NFT collections and Cats Mafia owners will have free access.

Royalties Distribution

75% of the royalties will be monthly distributed back to our community on the 15th day of each month.


By owning a CatsMafia NFT, you will participate in exclusive giveaways of 83.500$ inside the community. A giveaway is organised after each drop.

Exclusive AirDrops

Be one of the early adopters and you will get exclusive airdrops from CatsMafia future collections.

Community Engagement

By owning a CatsMafia NFT, you will be a part of all our future projects and your opinion will be valued.


Our roadmap's core is to develop a decentralized application where generation of NFTs is taken to the next level.


As the blockchain technology is in a continuous growth and development, world of NFTs becomes more and more appealing to cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

However, building a collection of NFTs requires some programming knowledge and this might draw back many talented artists who might want to create their own collections. Besides this, there are a lot of other issues which are likely to appear when they try to generate collections

Become a NFT creator

Build your own world of NFTs using Nftrium.

And because we’re cats we love simple things. Upload your images, click Create button and you’ll enjoy your collection in no time. No prior knowledge needed and less than 5 cat minutes.

Ready to do some business with us? Good! Because all of this is for FREE if you own at least one CatsMafia NFT.

Generate a flawless collection

This platform will not only generate your collection, but also use image processing algorithms for detecting and correcting all errors that are hardly traceable by the human eye.

Consequently, you will have the guarantee that the resulted collection meets all the quality standards. Other features will be implementing by performing a market research among NFT creators.

Benefits for Community

CatsMafia owners will have the opportunity to use Nftrium for free and that is not all: 75% of income generated will return to our NFT owners.

$ELCAT: The Nftrium Fuel

Supply: 500.000


$ELCAT Utility


With the help of Nftrium, creators will be able to mint NFT collections on their website by using a smart contract provided by our platform. Any transaction on the Elrond blockchain has a fee. By choosing to mint a collection with the Nftrium provided smart contract, all the fees will be paid by using $ELCAT.
Staking Rewards

The token owners will have the opportunity to increase their profit by using a complex staking system implemented for $ELCAT. In the beginning, the early adopters will benefit from a higher APY, which will progressively decrease over time, as the number of people staking $ELCAT will increase.

Nftrium will not resume only to the classic mechanism of creating an NFT collection, it will also come with additional functionalities, for allowing the users personalize their collections. Users who choose to use our customization tools will have discounts if they choose to pay with $ELCAT

How to get Cats Mafia

To get your Cats Mafia, check out the collection on Xoxno.


In order to become a member of the Cats Mafia gang, purchase your NFT from Xoxno:

  • The NFTs are built on the Elrond blockchain. Due to being highly scalable, fast, secure and rapidly growing, it is the perfect host for Cats Mafia NFTs.

After purchasing a NFT, you will enjoy plenty of benefits of the gang membership:

  • 100% of the LKMEX farmed will be redistributed to the NFT holders.
  • 75% of the royalties will be redistributed to the NFT holders. FanCATstic!
  • 75% of the total income generated by Nftrium will return to community


Our Roadmap

Q1 2022
Collection Official Launch

Pre-sale 25th February.

Q1 2022
Starting farming LKMEX
Q1 2022
Marketing and awareness increase

Promoting Nftrium platform will start and our goal is to target interested NFT enthusiasts worldwide.

Q1 2022
Airdrops and Giveaways

A lot of surprises are around the corner for our community: we will have periodical giveaways and airdrops.

Q2 2022

POC for Nftrium

Work for the NFT Collections Generator Platform will kick-off and will consist in developing a Proof of Concept for the application, with architectural design details.

Q2 2022

Strategic Partnerships

Our marketing efforts will be directed towards establishing key partnerships which will increase the reach of CatsMafia and will bring additional benefits to our community (famous local, national and international businesses).

Q3 2022
Start of Nftrium Development

The development of the dApp will start, facilitating the way of using the NFTs as access tokens which provide free usage for the holders.

Q3 2022
New Collection Design

We will start working on a new and exclusive collection, which will be launched in Q4.

Q4 2022
Nftrium Official Launch

Nftrium will have a scheduled launch, which will be announced in late 2022. CatsMafia NFT holders will be able to enjoy one of the major advantages of owning a NFT: they will use the dApp for free and will be able to launch their own NFT collections. Our mission is to support all community members in this direction.

Q4 2022
Nftrium dApp Income Redirected to the Community

75% of the income generated by Nftrium will be redirected to our community members, in order to assure a passive income for CatsMafia holders.

Q4 2022
Limited Edition Christmas Collection

During winter holidays, CatsMafia will launch a collection in limited edition. Half of the NFTs will be exclusively airdropped to our community.

Powered by family

The team is made up of young people, who have strong experience in various domains and different characters, but aim for a single goal: to innovate and create a project that is different from what you have seen so far.

Mihaela Dobre
Mihaela Dobre
CEO & Software Developer
Mihaela Dobre

Mihaela Dobre

CEO & Software Developer

What recommends Mihaela is the passion she puts in all the activities she is involved in.

She is an experienced Java developer and she worked for prestigious companies like Playtika, EA Sports and Deutsche Bank. After having management responsabilities during her career, she enriched her leadership abilities and she became a team player, holding a key role in maintaining the chemistry between team members.

Mihaela is a people-oriented person, so this is why she thought about building a project meant to bring a real value in the NFT world.

Daniel Ionescu
Daniel Ionescu
CTO & Software Engineer
Daniel Ionescu

Daniel Ionescu

CTO & Software Engineer

Daniel is an enthusiastic DevOps Engineer with more than five years experience in various companies.

He is very passionate about everything new in the technological area and he discovered an interest in cryptocurrency two years ago. He in also involved in more personal projects with artificial intelligence and machine learning which makes him a key point in the success of the project.

If you have a technical issue, talk to Daniel!

Stefan Trifan
Stefan Trifan
Marketing Specialist
Stefan Trifan

Stefan Trifan

Marketing Specialist

Stefan is a marketing specialist and a NFT enthusiast. He has been involved in crypto markets since 2017 and he is a proud owner of more than 20 NFTs from different collections. His beliefs about NFTs are that they can change the world by using them in real life and using blockchain technology more often.

His experience in developing regular marketing strategy and organizing and coordinating advertising campaigns are what recommend him for implementing the best strategies for promoting the project. His visions about the cryptocurrencies mostly pay off, as a result of the hard work he puts in every chart he reads and every research he makes. An inspired event planner, showbiz domain is his oldest passion. Doing good deeds stands out written with big letters in his heart.

Patric Baltag
Patric Baltag
Patric Baltag

Patric Baltag


Patric is a young artist, who expresses himself best when he starts drawing.

With unlimited talent and constant focus, he is the one who has brought to life the idea of this project.

Patric is a very professional person and he has worked with a lot of famous local artists who have only words of appreciation for his work.

Frequently Asked Question

What is Cats Mafia?

CatsMafia is a collection of 10.000 NFTs built on the Elrond blockchain.

You can purchase a CatsMafia NFT from Xoxno, the open decentralised marketplace on Elrond.

Once you purchased a CatsMafia NFT, you can find it in more places:

  • on Xoxno, by going to the 'My NFTs' section
  • in your Elrond Web Wallet
  • on the Profile tab in the Maiar application

The distribution of the NFTs is completely random, so you cannot pick a specific one and purchase it.

You will receive the NFT right after you purchase it.

The idea behind the CatsMafia project is a long term one. Nftrium aims to be a reference platform in the world of NFTs and a long term profit generator.

In addition to this, the team has a strong experience in the IT area and has implemented other complex projects up to this point.

CatsMafia will not stop growing after Q4 2022. The project is a long term one, Nftrium will need a continuous maintenance in order to stay up to date for our customers and we have plans for extending to other blockchains. The established percentages for our NFT holders will not be changed.

We have two Easter Eggs: a painting with The Don on the wall and gold bars on the table. The Easter Egg with The Don means x200 rewards from Nftrium than a normal NFT while the gold bar means x100. There are 40 Easter Eggs in the entire collection.

CatsMafia will act like a stock because 75% of Nftrium's revenue will return to our community.

When will Nftrium be launched?

Nftrium will be launched in the last quarter of 2022.

A decentralized application, also known as "dApp", is a digital application that runs on a blockchain network of computers instead of relying on a single computer.

The platform will not have size limits for the collections, you will have the possibility to choose any size for your future collection.

Users who own a CatsMafia NFT will be able to use Nftrium for free and they will be able to create as many collections as they want. For the rest of the users, the generating costs will depend on the size of the collection and will be established after performing an intensive market research.

You will be able to use all the available cryptocurrencies from the Elrond Wallet as payment methods for Nftrium.

The revenue generated by Nftrium will be distributed following the rules below:

  • 50% of the revenue will be distributed equally to the community
  • the rest of 25% will be distributed to the NFT holders who minted the rarest NFTs, the ones which contain Easter Eggs

Nftrium is not only a simple NFT generator platform, but also a platform which will offer several features for creating high quality NFTs. Some of the features that will be implemented are:

  • fixing errors which are hardly detected by the human eye in the images
  • matching the colors in order to obtain a harmonic design in the NFTs

What percentage of the royalties will be distributed to the community?

75% of the royalties will return to our community monthly.

Yes, owning more NFTs means receiving more during the royalties distribution.

Once the royalties distribution starts, you will receive the revenue in your wallet monthly.

How can I participate in the giveaways?

We will organize giveaways after every drop of NFTs and you will be able to participate if you purchase a CatsMafia NFT.

Yes, once you have purchased a CatsMafia NFT, you become eligible for participating in all the upcoming giveaways.

Yes, the only condition for participating is owning a NFT and winning in a giveaway does not exclude you from participating in the next ones.

Contact CatsMafia

Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.